Two Piece Induction Seal Liners

Viseal Here the base liner is wax bonded to the Sealing material Viz: Aluminium Foil./Sealant. The wax helps in temporary bonding of the base liner to the foil. Once it passes through the induction machine, wax melts & the base liner retains inside the cap & the bottle rim gets sealed by Aluminium Foil & Sealant. These are mainly used for Multi Time Use Packaged Products. Various Possible Combinations of Base Lining Materials & Sealing Materials can be made available to serve the customers requirement for maintaining product freshness.
Applications are in the wide arrays ranging from Food, Pharmaceutical Dry Syrups, Coffee, Cosmetic Creams, Lubricants, Edible oil Etc.
Please click here for downloading various possible combinations used for One Piece Induction Seal Liners.
Viseal TWO PIECE INDUCTION SEAL LINER’ materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Viseal Two Piece Induction Seal Liners are safe for direct contact with food & pharmaceuticals. The above product conforms to global migration standards laid down as per:
21 CFR 175.300 as per the code of Federal Regulations (USFDA)
IS: 9845:1998
82/711/EEC dated 18/10/1982
85/572/EEC dated 19/12/1985
90/128/EEC dated 23/02/1990
92/39/EEC dated 14/05/1992 as per the EEC Directives.
USFDA176.170 &
IS: 10146-2003 as per Indian Standards

For intended use for food contact application at room temperature.MSDS are not required formaterials as it is not a chemical component.

Two Piece Induction Heat Seal