One Piece Induction Seal Liners

One Piece Induction Seal Liners are the group of liners wherein the base Liners are fused with the sealing materials. These liners also have an easy peel options on many container substrates which helps in better ergonomics while using the package. Mainly used for One Time Use Package Products Viz: Flavored Milk, Fruit Juices, Cheese Spreads, Sauces, Vitamin Products & Spices Etc.It gives good barrier properties & hence keeps the product fresh for longer time. These Liners are also available with Pull Tab for easy removing of the seal from the Bottles.

Viseal One Piece Induction Seal Liners are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.

Viseal One Piece Induction Seal Liners are safe for direct contact with food & pharmaceuticals. The above product conforms to global migration standards laid down as per:
21 CFR 175.300 as per the code of Federal Regulations (USFDA) IS: 9845:1998 82/711/EEC dated 18/10/1982 85/572/EEC dated 19/12/1985 90/128/EEC dated 23/02/1990 92/39/EEC dated 14/05/1992 as per the EEC Directives. USFDA176.170 & IS: 10146-2003 as per Indian Standards

For intended use for food contact application at room temperature.MSDS are not required for VISEAL materials as it is not a chemical component.

One Piece Induction Heat Seal