Induction Heat Seal Linears

Al. Foil Induction Heat seals designed to be sealed onto the container mouth with Induction Sealing Technology. These Liners can be supplied with wax bonded with various substrates of different thickness Pulp Board, Duplex Board or Polyethylene Foam or permanently combined to other backing to provide specific properties to accommodate varying packaging applications. These products provide Tamper Evident Seals to the rim on all the substrates used.

Induction Heat Seal
The commonly used Induction seal Liners are

One Piece Induction Seal Liners

One Piece Induction Seal Liners are the group of liners wherein the base Liners are fused with the sealing materials. These liners also have an easy peel options on many container substrates which helps in better ergonomics while using the package

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One Piece Induction Heat Seal

Two Piece Induction Seal Liners

Viseal Here the base liner is wax bonded to the Sealing material Viz: Aluminium Foil./Sealant. The wax helps in temporary bonding of the base liner to the foil. Once it passes through the induction machine, wax melts & the base liner retains inside the cap & the bottle rim gets sealed by Aluminium Foil & Sealant.

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Two Piece Induction Heat Seal