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Though the Liner is a small component of a Package, its job is multifold Viz: Preserving Freshness by maintaining the Hermetic Seal, Authenticate product integrity through tamper-indication & serve as a medium for consumer awareness by its graphics communication. For performing its best in all above categories liners are engineered to have a multilayered & multistage component which now is considered essential for a package’s success.
All our products are engineered for its sealing performance in ever evolving container materials, tamper evident concepts & freshness maintenance requirements by closely monitoring emergent packaging technologies & trends worldwide.
World’s Leading Consumer Product, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Cosmetic or Food Industry look at Vora Packaging for taking up new challenges that demands new solutions for setting up quality standards in freshness and protection for your packaging program .By developing profitable partnership with our customers by offering them innovative, competitive and quality products we plan the remain our customers most preferred choice of seals and lining material supplier.