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Vora Packaging Private Limited, established in 1990 by Pankaj Vora, an engineer by profession, has its state of the art manufacturing facility in an industrial zone located in the outskirts of Mumbai, India. VSEAL, one of the most trusted brands in the closure industry enjoys the patronage of customers globally.

For over two decades Vora Packaging has been the leader for providing sealing solutions with its technically advanced innovative products like Expanded Polyethylene Capseals, Induction Heat Seal Liners. The brand 'VSEAL' is a well recognized closure sealing solution to the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, wine, alcohol, lubricants, agro chemicals and various other industries.


Expanded Polyethylene capseals

Basically polymer base cap seal liners are used for sealing the container without tamper proof evidence. These are the group of liners used inside the Metal & Plastic ROPP Caps. The wadded caps are then screwed onto the rim of the bottle jar.

EPE Capseals
Induction Heat Seal
Induction Heat Seal Linears

Al. Foil Induction Heat seals designed to be sealed onto the container mouth with Induction Sealing Technology. These Liners can be supplied with wax bonded with various substrates of different thickness Pulp Board,

Speciality Seals
Speciality Seals S
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Printed Graphics & Communication

The Aluminium Foil sealed onto the container mouth becomes a focal point when a consumer opens the bottle. This is used as a perfect form of strategic communication.


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